Longevinex Advantage Review - Is It Recommend?

Product Overview

Longevinex Advantage is a dietary supplement that promises to mimic the effects of calorie restriction on the body. Longevinex Advantage is composed mainly of trans-Resveratrol and Vitamin D3, a hormone-like nutrient that is effective in strengthening the immune system to work against diseases.

What You Get

Each bottle of Longevinex Advantage contains 60 capsules containing 100 milligrams (mg) of trans-Resveratrol. Each capsule also contains 2100 IU of Vitamin D3, a nutrient that has recently been discovered to have optimal benefits for the health of the muscles, bones, and brain.

Company Behind It

Longevinex Advantage is a product of Resveratrol Partners, LLC, headed by its founder and President Bill Sardi. Sardi came up with the idea of establishing a research-grade Resveratrol that can retain the Resveratrol content inside without exposure to oxygen during a visit to an Ivy League university research laboratory where he saw the drawers of Resveratrol supplements that lost their effects after the bottles have been opened and exposed to other elements.


Longevinex Advantage, which contains 60 capsules per bottle, costs $64.95. Customers ordering from Resveratrol Partners will also have to shoulder the standard shipping fee of $5.95 for all shipments to any part of the United States. International customers, however, will have to shoulder higher fees depending on their exact location.

Longevinex Advantage does not have an auto-ship program, unlike other Resveratrol supplement manufacturers. What it does offer is a multiple-purchases discount for buyers who would like to save up on shipping fees. Three bottles of Longevinex Advantage entitles you to one free bottle for only $179.85 for all bottles.


Longevinex Advantage offers a money-back guarantee for the purchase price of the merchandise. This does not include a refund for the shipping and handling costs. A customer who would like to have his shipment of Resveratrol returned should contact the company during the first 60 days of his receipt of the product. All damaged products should be returned within three days of receipt so that Resveratrol Partners may replace the shipment for free.


Longevinex Advantage contains 100 mg of Resveratrol, a dose sufficient to mimic the effects of calorie restriction on the body. Calorie restriction, as proven by several scientific studies, activates the sirtuins, a group of genes responsible for regulating the aging process. Longevinex Advantage has been proven to produce an effect similar to that given by calorie restriction.

Moreover, Resveratrol works best as an anti-aging, disease-fighting supplement when it is combined with other nutrients and minerals that work synergistically together. Longevinex Advantage, aside from containing 100 mg of trans-Resveratrol, also contains Vitamin D3, Quercetin, and Rice Bran ferulate, all of which are essential in the promotion of muscle and brain health.


A purchase of Longevinex Advantage does not include enrolment into an auto-ship program, unlike most other manufacturers that automatically enroll their customers into this kind of program. However, this can also be a good thing as Longevinex customers are given the option to save from multiply shipping costs by allowing them to buy three Longevinex bottles at a time with the Longevinex Buy-3-Take-1 package.

Is It Recommend?

Yes. Longevinex Advantage is a brand of Resveratrol supplement that has been used successfully in a university study, so it is one of the more effective Resveratrol supplements out there. Customers, however, will be hassled by paying a fee to get their money back. It may be better to look for other quality Resveratrol alternatives, such as Miracle Resveratrol, which is much cheaper, is still very high quality, has easier money-back guarantee terms and provides you with a free bottle for the first 15 days of your trial.

Based on research, the top recommended resveratrol supplement is Resveratrol Select