Resveratrol Ultra Review

Product Overview

Resveratrol Ultra is the latest in anti-aging and dietary supplement pills. Its primary benefits include the deferment of aging-related diseases such as Alzheimer's disease and prevention of the invasion of your body by cancer-causing free radicals.

What You Get

One bottle of Resveratrol Ultra contains 60 200 mg (milligrams) Resveratrol pills that should be sufficient for a month's intake of Resveratrol. This means that for each day during the month, you should take in two capsules, one in the morning and another at night, for the health benefits of Resveratrol to settle in. A monthly subscription of Resveratrol Ultra also gets you automatically enrolled in the company's autoship program, meaning you will be sent one bottle of 60 200 mg Resveratrol pills every month until you cancel your shipment.

Persons Behind It

Resveratrol Ultra is a product of New England based BioLabs, Inc.


The retail price of Resveratrol Ultra is $109.95. However, if you choose to obtain it through their online shipment program, it should only cost you $87.13, or approximately 21% less than the cost of the retail price. Shipping costs to anywhere in the United States is at a standard $3.95.


Resveratrol Ultra offers a 15-day free trial period. You only have to pay the #3.95 shipping and handling fee for you to avail of your free trial bottle. If you are not happy with the results of your 15-day trial, you can always contact the company's customer service department and ask for a refund. As long as you present them with a Return Merchandise Authorization number, the company will gladly give your money back.

What I Like About Resveratrol Ultra

Each pill inside a bottle of Resveratrol Ultra is packed with 200 mg of trans-Resveratrol, the active part of the polyphenol that provides all the health benefits it was proven to give off. Resveratrol Ultra is recommended to be taken two times everyday, meaning you should take 400 mg of Resveratrol pills each day, just the right amount, according to some researchers, for you to enjoy the full benefits of Resveratrol found in laboratory research.

What I Don't Like About It

Resveratrol Ultra is protected by a 100% money-back guarantee, but for you to make this policy useful - if you find any reason to have your money back - you have to re-pack and ship the bottle back to the company, even if it's already halfway empty. This is okay, unless you wouldn't like to undergo the hassle of packing the bottle and going down to the nearest post office to ship it.

Do I Recommend It?

Yes. Resveratrol Ultra is worth a shot, plus its claims are backed by clinical research by some of the most prestigious health and research institutions. If you're not happy, well, then you can always get your money back.